National De Jur Asembly of Fiji

The National De Jur Assembly of Fiji


About 200 representatives from all districts of the native tribes of Fiji have come together to form a National De Jur Assembly and discuss matters of Restoration in connection with the transition the world is going through now. Become a member, please click here.

Global Restoration from Fiji

According to the ancestor´s stories, the whole land mass of our planet started forming from the islands of Fiji and then spiraled like a vortex to form all continental land masses on the planet. Fiji is where time begins - a new day and a new era. It is therefore believed that Fiji has a major role to play in the transition into an era based on love and peace for the world. Based of this ancient wisdom, the people of Fiji have being preparing themselves spiritually, mentally, physically and also their souls for this special moment in time where all the contracts which have binded the planet to a slave system would be released. It is believed that this time is now and the people of Fiji have united and are ready to lead a peaceful transition where the planet will align itself with nature. The transition into Restoration will create some confusion worldwide, but everything which is happening has been foreseen for generations. The time is for the world to come together and become one. There has to be a change of heart and mind in preparation for a new reality of abundance, love and balance which will eventually lead to true sovereignty on every level for not only the individual human being but for all beings on the planet.

National De Jur meetings around Fiji

For the last 3 years the National De Jur Assembly of Fiji has been planning the restoration of sovereignty on the entire Fijian territory. On all islands National de Jur Assembly meetings have been held and thousands of people have engaged themselves in the discussions on how to restore and heal the people, the land, the sea, the plant and animal kingdom of the land and the sea and none the least all elemental kingdoms of Fiji.